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Subscribe & Save With Floatation Therapy

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Now available is a way to subscribe and save to floatation therapy. Here's how it works:

Become a subscriber as an individual or as a couple. For a discounted rate, get one float as a subscriber for just $55 per month. As a couple, subscribe for a monthly float rate of $75.

Additionally, Vibrant Health is offering a VIP Subscriber Float and a Couples VIP Subscriber float at a discounted rate. This allows you to subscribe to floatation therapy and receive not one, but two floats per month, either as a couple or single.

This deal ensures you get the benefits of floatation therapy and always have a monthly appointment. So what are the benefits of floatation Therapy?

  • Float Therapy Helps You Absorb Magnesium

  • Float Therapy Helps You To Sleep Better

  • Float Therapy Betters Your Learning Skills

  • Float Therapy Helps Adjust Your Behavior

  • Float Therapy Helps You Relax

  • Float Therapy Synchronizes Your Brain

  • Float Therapy Reduces Pain

  • Float Therapy Helps You Focus

  • Float Therapy Sharpens Sensitivity

  • Float Therapy Encourages Creativity

  • Float Therapy Enhances Athleticism

  • Float Therapy Reduces High Blood Pressure

  • Float Therapy Can Enhance Skin & Hair

  • Float Therapy Provides An Escape From Technology

Floating in a tank for one hour is equivalent to sleeping in a bed for six hours.

Enjoy the benefits of monthly float sessions by becoming a subscriber!


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