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Vibrant Health began in November of 2018 after working for another doctor in Kewanee, Illinois. By February 13th, 2019, Dr. Strode saw her first patient at her own practice; Vibrant Health Chiropractic.


In September of 2021 Vibrant Health moved into a brand new facility in Cambridge, Illinois that became a full Health Center offering more than just Chiropractic Care. Also available is Regenerate Counseling, Physical Therapy, and Float Therapy.


Dr. Strode uses the latest evidence-based technology for patients wanting an alternative to manual adjusting and a gentler approach to Chiropractic. A series of high-speed thrusts are able to create more motion within a joint and help relieve muscle tension. The Impulse is a safe and gentle way to correct musculoskeletal complaints and restore nerve function. Since it thrusts up to 100 times faster than a manual adjustment, it is able to correct alignment without the muscles contracting creating a more effective treatment.


Manual technique: Dr. Strode offers a more hands on approach for more of a forceful type of treatment. By using a drop table, Dr. Strode can deliver a precise and safe adjustment. Sometimes patient’s prefer a combination of both manual technique and instrument adjusting. By using both techniques Dr. Strode can deliver a truly custom treatment that will work best for YOUR body. By using a combination of approaches, Dr. Strode can relieve muscle and joint pain much more effectively.

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