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Float tank for one or a couple! Reduced tension and stress, Decrease of inflammation, Decrease of pain-especially in Fibromyalgia, Great for athlete recovery, Lower cortisol levels, Lower blood pressure, Reduced fatigue and faster recovery, Better learning and creativity.



of Floatation Therapy

  • Float Therapy Makes The Immune System Stronger

  • Float Therapy Helps You Absorb Magnesium 

  • Float Therapy Helps You To Sleep Better

  • Float Therapy Betters Your Learning Skills

  • Float Therapy Helps Adjust Your Behavior

  • Float Therapy Helps You Relax 

  • Float Therapy Synchronizes Your Brain

  • Float Therapy Reduces Pain 

  • Float Therapy Helps You Focus

  • Float Therapy Sharpens Sensitivity 

  • Float Therapy Encourages Creativity 

  • Float Therapy Enhances Athleticism 

  • Float Therapy Reduces High Blood Pressure

  • Float Therapy Can Enhance Skin & Hair 

  • Float Therapy Provides An Escape From Technology



Living in a city that is extremely busy or working with a job that is demanding, our bodies end up not getting the proper amount of rest that they need to function throughout the duration of a day.

Stressful situations that happen daily in the forms of family conflicts, work issues, deadlines, too many extracurriculars, homework, and financial troubles can actually become some of the main reasons for a wide variety of ailments that slow us down. 

When participating in a float session, everything on the outside is shut out, and this provides you with an environment that lets the nervous system take a break after constant exposure to anxieties and stresses that it goes through so regularly. 

Choosing to pursue this kind of treatment for our minds and bodies can be one of the most refreshing and nourishing things we can do to help us get through the day in our healthiest possible state.


Compact High Speed Filtration

The Micron Filtration System and attached Unity Controller were designed elegantly so that they could be shown off and not hidden in a closet. For commercial customers, this allows the opportunity to educate floaters on the sanitation standard we set, and for quick and easy cleaning and maintenance. The EPA rated Peroxone System is the strongest water sanitation system for float tanks.


The Micron Filtration System allows for locating the filtration and control system in a room separate from the float pod or room.  This has advantages over integrated float systems, especially in commercial installations, in relation to customer satisfaction, cost savings, safety, and cleanliness.  With the filtration unit remotely located, this ensures that your customer exits the float tank in a peaceful, relaxed state as they are not forced to listen to the pump running during the filtration cycle while they are just feet away showering and dressing.  Remotely locating your engines can also cut soundproofing costs in a multi-tank facility as you would only need to heavily soundproof a much smaller area. Other advantages include being able to keep the high voltage connections out of the float room, and it also keeps the room and equipment cleaner.

1 Micron Filtration

The Micron Filtration System`s custom X-100 filter is able to filter particles from the water to 1 micron in size and FDA compliant for drinking water (Class 1 Filtration). Standard competitor pool and spa filter cartridges only filter to 20-30 microns and require regular cleaning. 


Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) Sanitation Science

When germicidal UV light (UV-C) and ozone react the result is the production of hydroxyl radicals. This reaction is known as the Advanced Oxidation Process, or AOP. Hydroxyl radicals (•OH) are the most powerful oxidation agents available, quickly destroying bacteria, viruses, pathogens and other contaminants that occur in water. Hydroxyl radicals also destroy chlorine and bromine resistant microorganisms, such as Cryptosporidium Parvum, Giardia and E.Coli.

UV + O3 + H2O2 = Peroxone AOP

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