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Updated: Mar 14


"I was given the gift of a float session.... This morning I went for the very first time! Started with an adjustment and ended with a float session! It was an awesome experience! My new name for it is the magical pod for relaxing and healing!! I highly recommend THIS to EVERYONE!!!! It took me minute to stop, but once I relaxed it was enlightening!!! I felt light as a feather, the stars danced to instrumental Pink Floyd in the background. My mind wandered to new paint ideas as my list of to do's disappeared into neverland. To end the experience I got to try several yummy delicious spa products!!! I set Jake up for an appointment Friday morning! In a time that you're on the go all the time and neverending to do list.....this is such a treat!!!! I love that it's less than 5 minutes away from home!!! EVERYONE needs to experience this at least once! Go there!!!" ⏤ Melody

I have a car accident injury and chronic pain from it. My whole neck and spine was very out of place. Crystal helped to put everything back in place and also her facility has Floatation Therapy which worked perfect for my pain and readjusting my neck posture. If you look in the images my spine was curved and also my neck had no curve for holding my head caused by severe whiplash. Adjustments and Floatation Therapy have made my life better and worked to put my spine and neck back in place. I can't recommend Dr. Strode and her facility enough.
Crystal is outstanding with her chiropractic skill and caring personality! She explains everything she is doing and makes sure the adjustment is spot on, which causes incredible improvement!! She has improved the range of motion in my neck and hips which has made me feel stronger....can't thank her enough for her amazing adjustments!! ⏤ Tarry

"When my third child was born, he struggled with severe reflux and colic for the first four months of his life. Nothing seemed to help - diet changes, reflux medicines, we tried it all. After months of near-constant screaming, we decided to try a chiropractor upon the recommendation of friends, our healthcare provider and a lactation consultant. When we made our first appointment with Dr. Strode, we were very skeptical, having no past experience with chiropractic care. But we were desperate and willing to try anything. From the very first visit, Dr. Strode was kind, thorough and gentle in her approach with a newborn. My son smiled at her almost immediately (which is saying something). She genuinely seemed to listen and care about him. She explained everything and gave me resources about the process to take home and read. Within two visits, we could tell a slight difference in my son’s disposition - but weren’t convinced. After three visits, family and friends were commenting on how much more content and happy he seemed.I can honestly say that after three weeks of treatment, our son is a different baby. He is happier. He doesn’t scream all day and night for no discernible reason. It has made our home and our entire family happier.I cannot thank Dr. Strode enough for her expertise and genuine care to my son and our family. I would highly recommend her and have already shared our story with friends and family. We are truly grateful." ⏤ Kim

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